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Audrey's Flair for Hair

Haircuts (includes shampoo & conditioner) $20
     Specialty Cuts/long/thick hair add $5 for short, $7  for medium, $10 for long
Spray and cut $15
Basic buzz cut $10
     Specialty buzz, includes flat top $12
Edge only or bang trim only $7
Moustache/beard trim $4.00 each ($7 both)


Blow dry style with brush (short +$5, med +$7, long +$10)

Blow-Out Smooth/Straight (med+$15, long +$20)

Curling iron/flat iron work (short +$5, med +$7, long +$10)
Shampoo and regular conditioner (towel dry and comb) $10
Deep conditioning $10

Hot Shot treatment $15 (long hair $25)
Shampoo and roller set (short-medium) $20 (long) $30
Shampoo and blow dry/curl iron (short) $20
Updo $25 and up


Wax-Eyebrows $8
Wax-Lip $5
Wax-Chin $6

Wax-Jaw Line $8


Haircolor (one application/shades/retouch) $60

     Each additional color/shades/retouch add $10
Long/thick hair (additional product) *Extra
Color correction *Consultation priced
Men’s cammo color (on men's typical short hair) $20
Highlights $75
Heavy Highlights $95

Add color (in between foils or as low lites) $20 each color

Toner add $10
Cap highlights (short-medium) $50


Perms (basic wrap, includes haircut) short-medium hair $65 
Additional Perm Product used add $10
Set, blow dry, curling iron after perm *refer to 'Shampoo & Styling' prices listed above

Rollerset $15
Specialty wraps/spiral *Consultation priced


Hair Extensions *Consultation priced
Pravanna Keratin Smoothing Treatment (short=$100.00, medium=$125.00, long=$150.00+)